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MC - Morse Code Album Cover

Morse Code

Suspense, Psychological Thriller

After a loved one’s tragic death, Stefani uses Morse code to speak with the beyond. In her search for answers, she inadvertently discovers questions far more dangerous.

The soundtrack is a hybrid score, using the rhythms of Morse Code to form the backbone of the main theme. A softly played piano with delay and reverb effects takes center stage to evoke intimacy and nostalgic memory. 

Instagram: @morsecodethefilm
dir. McKenzi Vanderberg

Morse Code: Product
Morse Code: Music Player


Written and Mixed by Dana Kyle Kroplick

Mastered by Jett Galindo


Director: McKenzi Vanderberg
Writer: Maurizio Ledezma

Producers: Da Eun Kim, Liz Lian

Morse Code: Text
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