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Dana Kyle Kroplick is a composer and musician from Roslyn, New York who now lives in Los Angeles, California. She loves telling stories in all forms and exploring how music can best serve characters and themes. She strives to imbue her music with the textures and colors necessary to fulfill the filmmaker’s vision.

Music and storytelling have been constant themes throughout her life. Growing up, she was a self-described musical theater nerd. At various times she studied voice, piano, guitar, and violin. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science, majoring in Neuroscience, from Brown University. A highlight of her time there was a paper exploring how our brains perceive and process music, called “The Song in Your Head: The Neuroanatomy of Music.”

After attending a summer semester at Berklee College of Music, she decided to pursue a Bachelor’s of Music in Songwriting and Composition, Writing & Production. She whetted her appetite for scoring when several of her compositions and her song, “What About This Time,” were licensed by Storycake’s entry into the 2012 48 Hour Film Festival and subsequently won Best Original Music Score. She completed three majors at Berklee: Songwriting, Composition, Writing & Production, and Film Scoring.

Her film scoring career began in earnest when she moved out to Los Angeles and was hired by one of her composing idols, Bear McCreary. As a composer's assistant, she worked on shows such as Agents of Shield, Outlander, The Walking Dead, Defiance, DaVinci’s Demons, Black Sails, and Intruders. Here she was able to combine her passion for music with her love of science fiction and fantasy.

She participated in several Women’s Weekend Film Challenges (WWFC), scoring the shorts “Shockshuka,” “And So It Is,” and “Millennial Success Stories: Fe-MALE CEO.” She then went on to score promotional material for the WWFC.

As the recipient of the Nordstrom Family Scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year, she recently completed a Masters of Music in Screen Scoring at USC Thornton.

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